Gratitude goes to my wife, Lourdes Ganio Birdsall for encouraging me to publish these poems. Life events have inspired me to put together these thoughts and reflections in verse form past, present, and even fictional satire.


I, Leo Birdsall, grew up in a small farming town in Washington. I have one brother and five sisters. I grew up witnessing and experiencing pain, failure, poverty, heart breaks mingled with success and happiness. Never in my mind had I the inclination of writing verses or poems, nor did I think I had the ability until an unpleasant event happened and prompted me to write a letter that ended in poetic form. Hence I continued to write and compiled it in three books. One was entitled

Facing The Son, other Biblically Speaking and a third entitled Reflections. This book will tend to make you laugh, cry, ponder, feel pain, and relate to poverty or menial life, loneliness, failures, and success. Life, as we know, has its twists and turns, trials and tribulations, and love that affects the characters and situations portrayed in these poems.